Caring About The Smallest

A tiny insect, just think of it – a living, breathing, thinking, feeling creature with a fully functioning digestive and reproductive system etc. A masterpiece in miniature!

If a scientist had created such a life form, people would come from all over the world just to see it and to shake the scientist’s hand and tell him what a marvellous fellow he was.

Insects are a  wondrous creation of God. Let us not turn a blind eye to their sufferings, for after all, all life is sacred and pain is still pain, suffering is still suffering, regardless of whoever or whatever is the victim.


Sadly it is all too often the case that we tend to overlook that which we deem to be less ‘aesthetically pleasing to the eye’ and yet when we actually take the time to stop and learn about them, we find that they are, in their own right, things of beauty and wonder.

And in the light of reason, no less worthy of our compassion.

I studied Jainism when I was younger. Their beautiful doctrine of ahimsa influenced Gandhi, Schweitzer and many others through the centuries. It certainly influenced me too. Made me see compassion from another perspective.

Killing and harming is still killing and harming no matter how ‘you’ dress it up or try and excuse it.

To walk in the ways of love and compassion is the greatest lesson I have learned and something I strive to pass on to others.


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